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Featured Research & Other Media

How Social Media Supports Animal Cruelty and the Illegal Pet Trade | Essay for The Revelator

June 2019

Link to essay


Hot Topics in Primate Welfare | American Society of Primatologists

April 2017

Link to feature

This features my presentation at the joint meetings of the American Society of Primatologists and International Primatological Society in August 2016, "Does proximity to the silverback increase allostatic load in zoo-housed western lowland gorilla females?" The presentation received the 2016 ASP Primate Welfare Award. By clicking on the link, you can access a PowerPoint presentation or a video of the slides with a voiceover explaining the research.

College of Arts and Sciences: College News | The Ohio State University

April 2017

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This showcases my work as a graduate student at The Ohio State University. There's also a video of me talking about my research that was filmed at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.